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Supporting you to be a better Nurse Coach.

I can help you put all the pieces of the puzzle together so you can see the complete picture.

Mary Turner, RN is recognized as the
"The Nurse Coaches Coach."

Get absolute clarity on the next steps you need to take.

The ability to solve a jigsaw puzzle involves getting all the pieces to match together until you can see a beautiful picture emerge. You must examine the shape and color of each puzzle piece to determine where it fits. It doesn’t happen spontaneously, yet some people have a knack for it while others struggle. The skill of powerful coaching unfolds in a very similar way. It includes connection, curiosity, and deep listening. The ability to do it competently and confidently separates the expert from the novice.

Here’s what other Coaches are saying about CoachRN.

Thrilled with her Support! I recently worked with Mary to help me progress successfully to my Nurse Coach credential. Mary offered a structured program and with her insights into the specific requirements from AHNCC at this level, she gave me honest, constructive feedback such that my performance gradually and regularly improved.
Working with Mary has been nothing short of a transformative experience that has profoundly impacted both my professional and personal life. From the very first moment that we began our coaching journey, I knew I was in the presence of someone exceptional.
Absolutely Remarkable!
Mary possesses an extraordinary blend of expertise, insight, and genuine passion for helping individuals and businesses thrive. Her ability to dissect complex business challenges and distill them into actionable strategies is nothing short of remarkable.
It's worth every penny, and it is life-altering. You will not regret it.
It's one of those experiences that'll change your perspective ... forever
The Coach for Nurse Coaches!
I worked with Mary for a few months as a Nurse Coach to help me launch my coaching business. As a coach myself with over 9 years of coaching experience and a developer of other coaches, it became quickly apparent to me that Mary is the epitome of “the coach’s coach”. In addition to being insightful and compassionate, Mary was able to work with me simultaneously on two levels: (1) deepening my skill and expertise and (2) helping me stand on a solid foundation of confidence and self-appreciation.
Astounded by her Effectiveness!
It's totally worth it! You will be blown away.
Gentle Yet Precise! I’ve had the pleasure of working with Mary as my coach from November 2018 to May 2021 while creating and launching my coaching business. I’ve enjoyed every session with Mary and at the same time learned a lot. I was living in Colorado throughout the period and the sessions were all carried out on Zoom. She listened to some of my recorded coaching sessions and provided me feedback afterward in a very gentle yet precise way. On top of that, she’s got a great sense of humor as well as deep knowledge of coaching and how to perform as a good coach for others. I won’t hesitate to recommend Mary or get back in touch whenever I need a coach or mentor.
Deep Listening!!!
Mary demonstrates a finely tuned ear for listening below the surface of conversation to extract the skillful nuances, intentions, and personality of the coach. Mary also highlights gaps with clarity, directness, and gentleness in ways that feel more like opportunities to grow than “mistakes.” I highly recommend Mary as a resource in moving you to the next level.Deep Listening!!!

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